Happy Birthday Pisces!

 By: Charles Vickers – Astrologer

Sun in Pisces Feb. 18 – Mar. 19, 2013. 
This applies to both Sun and Ascending / Rising Signs in Pisces.

For Pisces, life is a dream, a vision, a movie, mystery. You want to float on the clouds, out on the open seas. Swim in the subconscious. Illumination, inspiration, through mysticism, spirituality , the ethereal sought. Sensitive, receptive, impressionable. Intangible,fascinating, intriguing.Enchanting,enticing,enigmatic!Intuition moves you. Drawn to the infinite, the eternal, Diving to the depths of the unconscious. Alluring, hypnotic. Life is a secret. the unknown appeals to you. Intrigued with inexplicable. the invisible. Tranquility, transcendence sought. The sublime. 

Fascinated with metaphysics, intuition, dreams, premonitions, prophecy, precognition. The sign of the sea, you love the ocean, to swim, a sailor, surfer, scuba diver. Involved with film, photography, acting, theater, ballet. Psychology, psychiatry, hospitals, laboratories, liquids in general. Pisces need a mate who can pour them drinks, or pick them up when they pass out on the floor! Or someone they can go to the beach or movie with.

Jupiter is transiting through Gemini June 11, 2012 to June 27, 2013, 1 year, every 12 years, in Pisces  4th . house of your horoscope.   Good luck,  opportunities,  with : home, real estate.  Venus, is transiting through Pisces   Feb. 25 – Mar. 21, 2013,  every 12 months, in Pisces 1st. house of your horoscope. Romance, love, parties, artistic, creativity at the  front door and highway of your life. Saturn moved into Scorpio for the first time in 30 years from  Oct. 5, 2012 to Sept. 19, 2015, transiting for 3 years, every 30 years,  in Pisces 9  th. house of your horoscope.  Ambitions and career prominent with: long distance, foreign travel, publishing, printing, import, export,higher education,  legislation, the outdoors.
Charles Vickers has been a professional astrologer in California for 35 years. He has interpreted thousands of horoscopes for people all over the world. He had his own live radio show for 9 1/2 years called “Surfing Astrology” on KUSF 90.3 FM. in California.Call for an appointment for a reading 415 / 922-6095. Ca. live 1 pm-12 midnight. p.s.t. I can always find some good news for YOU!

Men like to think they are captain of their own ship, but they cannot control the waves, wind, weather, and sometimes the crew!
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c Copyright by Charles Vickers Feb. 1, 2013. 
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