Happy Birthday Gemini!

By: Charles Vickers – Astrologer

Sun in Gemini in May 20 – June 20, 2013.
This applies to both Sun and Ascending/ Rising Signs in Gemini.

Geminis are butterflies and birds, comics, clowns, court jesters, jugglers.  Lively, interesting, talkative. Outgoing, social, friendly.  Spontaneous, unpredictable.  Varied and versatile.  Clever, witty, charming.  Stereo- twins, duality. Duality- both sides of the mirror.  Two trains running.  The fork in the road. Eye mind hand speech coordination.

The messenger- carrying the news. Geminis are involved and work with communications, speaking, readers, writers, information, computers, letters, newspapers, magazines, books, reporters, journalists . Delivery, distribution, dissemination of information. Conveying ideas. Educators, teachers, lecturers, announcers. Agents. The local neighborhood, short distance travel. Born with a telephone baby. Secretaries, typists. Computer programmers and operators.  Geminis need someone they can talk with, all the time!

Jupiter is transiting through Gemini June 11, 2012 to June 27, 2013, 1 year, every 12 years, in Gemini’s 1st. house of your horoscope. Optimistic, enthusiastic, positive, in your: outlook attitude, direction , self expression.

Venus, is transiting through Gemini May 9- June 2, , 2013, every 12 months, in Gemini’s 1st. house of your horoscope.  Romance, love, parties, artistic, creativity: at the front door and highway of your life. Saturn moved into Scorpio for the first time in 30 years from Oct. 5, 2012 to Sept. 19, 2015, transiting for 3 years, every 30 years, in Gemini’s 6th. house of your horoscope. Ambitions and career prominent with: work environment, co-workers.

Charles Vickers has been a professional astrologer in California for 35 years. He has interpreted thousands of horoscopes for people all over the world. He had his own live radio show for 9 1/2 years called “Surfing Astrology” on KUSF 90.3 FM. in California. He also gave a thousand book reviews. “Books are brain food.” And played a lot of music, and gave live call-in readings.

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Men like to think they are captain of their own ship, but they cannot control the waves, wind, weather, and sometimes the crew!

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By: Charles Vickers – Astrologer
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