HAIL TO THE CHIEF: Entertaining Dad On Father’s Day

By Diana Sproveri
Contributor’s Website: Diana Sproveri

He’s the man of the house, the guy who takes care of skinned knees, and has read one too many books. Your own Dad may have made a mistake or two, and you’d probably like to forget that day your husband fed ice cream to the kids right before dinner. However, they do their best and weather the storm. And for that, we celebrate their effort and show our appreciation for having them in our lives.

Since Father’s Day parties aren’t always top of mind for this ode to Dad, it only seems fitting to take him to the party outside the house. Here are some ways to show Dad a good time on Father’s Day in Los Angeles.


Whether it’s basketball, baseball or golf, Dad will appreciate an activity for the family planned around his favorite past time. If baseball’s his game, an inexpensive and less hectic option than one of LA’s major league parks is visiting the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. This farm team for the LA Dodgers has a beautiful park with lots of activities for kids and their mascot, Tremor, personally pays a visit to everyone in the stands. What a guy!


If Dad is a risk-taker or at least likes to think he is, take him for the ride of his life in a stock car at the famous Auto Club Speedway. Prices start at $165 for four laps for a ride along. And for an additional fee, he can drive the car himself! While this adventure isn’t easy on the pocketbook, the stories he will tell his buddies will be priceless.


If your Dad finds nature and the outdoors his friend, take the family on a hike at one of LA’s best trails.

Or if by sea is his game, plan a serene boating charter around the South Bay for the family via South Bay Sailing in Redondo Beach.

He’s sat through your movies far too many times. Put down “Somewhere In Time”… just put it down. Today is about Dad and whether that means James Bond or James Cameron, you can give him a great guy’s movie experience for the whole family. Treat Dad to the ultimate movie experience with lots of things blowing up on screen coupled with cafe food and drinks at any ArcLight cinema
Or, create your own movie night at home with his favorites. Whether in your own living room, or taken outside for a screening in the back yard, grab some popcorn containers from the party store to make it festive. And don’t forget the boxes of Twizzlers, Goobers and Raisinets! Attention to detail makes it just as fun as the real thing.


The way to a man’s heart is via his stomach. This couldn’t be more true on Father’s Day. Discover Los Angeles has pulled together some of the best places to dine on Father’s Day for brunch or dinner. Morton’s Steakhouse also has a Father’s Day Special for the steak lover. 

Of course, you can always make a bang up Father’s Day brunch and dinner with these ideas from Delish. Just don’t forget the bacon. And lot’s of it.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you make a big splash or quietly show your gratitude with a thoughtful card. Dads only want to feel appreciated and loved – something that they do for us every day.

Happy Father’s Day, gentlemen!

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Contributor’s Website: Diana Sproveri

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