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I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 8 years. I’ve been working in real estate for about 6 years, I’ve always had a passion for design. While working in real estate I started doing interior design work for friends and clients. I started working closely with artists. Over time I learned a lot of artists are creatives but not all are necessarily business savvy. In 2017, I created Graffiti Library as a platform for artists. A way to bring art inspired goods into peoples homes. Art is a passion of mine yet I’m not an artist, Graffiti Library is a way for me to showcase my creativity with artists.

The “Lip Series” collaborated with artist, Sahara NovotnaA vision for a simpler design with an edgy concept. “I was created to create.” Sahara Novotna. From metal welding, to glass work, illustrations and even graffiti, the artwork of Australian-born Sahara Novotna’s creative expressions have taken many different forms. A proud third-generation artist, she has found pleasure in not only the physicality of the work, but also as an effective way to voice thoughts on everything from politics to pop culture, as seen in her acclaimed ‘Money’ series.
Set of 4 custom coasters collaborated with Coffee & Chronic. Artist Jared Ryan Shaw is a resident of Miami, FL and a seeker of truth through creation. “I am not one of anything… I am one of everything…” Jared Ryan Shaw

Graffiti Library was always just a side hustle for me. You have to sell a lot of candles to equal 1 house. But lately I’ve become a lot more invested, I believe in this company and the artists I work with.

I’ve recently expanded my team and I’m working with new artists to create new lines of products. Graffiti Library is a liaison for artists and anyone who likes art in their home.

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Photo Credits:1.) Self 2, 3, 4) Noah Scott 5.) Andrew Gallery

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