Good Dye Job

By: Jennifer Culp –Interior Designer

Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios

Rarely do those words come out of my mouth…. but I am in awe of this growing trend of over-dyed rugs. Not that this is completely new territory but the technology is such that breathtaking new rugs are emerging from what you might have once considered a throw away. The process is to take older rugs that may have unattractive colors and give them new life with vibrant dyes. The outcome is not only gorgeous but eco friendly as well. So that rug sitting in your garage that your grandmother gave you might finally be repurposed!

This green over-dyed rug adds a splash of color to this English- country style room

Pink is one of my favorite over-dye colors because it’s so unexpected, and adds a modern twist.

These rugs are incredibly versatile as well. They look great in a kid’s bedroom or a sophisticated living room.

And now there are less expensive versions on the market that give you the look without the high price. Check out this option from West Elm…

Of course there is no denying the quality and beauty of paying a high sticker price. These rugs from ABC Carpet show the true craft of over-dying, if you are willing to pay the price of course.

Design Tip:

Take that old rug out of storage and breathe new life into it. Check in with your local rug store to see if they do over-dying. It is a resourceful way to get a fresh makeover!

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By: Jennifer Culp –Interior Designer
Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios

Image Credits: Lonny Magazine; DécorPad; West Elm; ABC Carpet & Home

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