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You’ve planned everything. The lighting. The seats. The activities. You’ve even fired up the grill. The perfect outdoor party.

Then, suddenly, everything needs to change. The forecast calls for rain, or if you’re in Buffalo a late spring snow. (Sorry, Buffalo.) Worse yet, you get caught with a downpour mid-party and have to think fast. Fear not, here are a few tips for bringing your outdoor party indoors at the last minute.

We tend to over-invite for an outdoor party as an outside venue allows enough space to accommodate everyone. If the party moves indoors, plan to utilize more rooms than just the main living room or kitchen. Open up the den, office or a bedroom with some chairs, perhaps a small vase with flowers or a candle to invite guests to feel comfortable in the room. You can also put out some blankets or pillows on the floor and turn it into a picnic. Utilizing the floor, you’ll never run out of seating.

Don’t trash what you were going to grill yet. Fire up a grill pan on your stove top and cook everything you would outdoors. Even better, if you have a gas grill, you can still use it in the rain. Enlist a grill friend who will brave the elements, and be sure to hand them a beer after for all their efforts.

Nothing says a backyard party in the summer like twinkle lights. And nothing says you can’t hang them up inside as well. Bring your lanterns into the living room, or make use of the Christmas lights up in the attic. String them throughout the house and dim the lights to give the atmosphere you were hoping to have outdoors. The inflatable Santa for your front yard? We’ll take a raincheck on that one.

Any parent knows that keeping kids entertained indoors is a tall order. Do your best to have activities on hand to keep them busy. Have a roll of craft paper and cover the entire dining room table and secure the ends. Let the kids loose with markers and crayons and have a party mural that can be used as a table cover later on when food is served. As well, unlike adults, kids don’t mind getting caught in the rain. Play some games like seeing who can catch the most rain in their glass, or send them outside with water balloons for a wet free-for-all.

No matter what the circumstances, life is unpredictable. Just like getting caught in a rainstorm, the best thing you can do is go with the flow. Do your best to change along with it and know sometimes there is even more fun to be had when things don’t go as planned.

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By: Diana Sproveri – Entertaining Contributor
Contributor’s Website: Diana Sproveri

Image Credits: Photo 1: Celebrations; Photo 2:  Goodwill International Industries

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