Getting Back Into Your Healthy Fall Routine

Can you believe that the season of Fall is here? Here in Los Angeles the weather still feels like summer. However, most of our schedules have shifted back into a regular Fall routine.

After summer vacations, bbqs and pool parties, your body probably feels out of balance.

We all know getting back into our healthy eating habits and exercise routines can be challenging.

Usually we just need to put one foot in from of the other, incorporate one healthy habit and then the next.

Its so important to do something once a day that grounds you in mind, body and spirit. The late great Maya Angelou said something in an interview that spoke to my gut.

The Amazing Maya Angelou
The Amazing Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou mentioned when she is grounded and centered, she is well. When she is not, she is dangerous and in danger.

She reminded the audience that it happens to everyone, its part of being human. Its up to us to recognize and come back to ourselves.

For many people this centering involves yoga, meditation, spending time in nature and eating foods that ground you.

When you are regrouping you may jump in with all three or start with one.

Schedule your yoga class or book a private session. Put it in your calendar.  Jump on you tube and take a 10-30 minute class! Here is one of my 30 minutes yoga videos for you to enjoy.


I used to be so down on myself about meditating on a regular basis. I actually got so frustrated at my inconsistency, I paid a meditation teacher quite a bit of money to teach me TM.  It was worth every penny.

There are also several free options such as Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge. No excuses!

Thank goodness here in Los Angeles, the opportunity to buy fresh organic produce is almost everywhere.

Ground thyself!
Ground Thyself!

I adore my local Studio City farmers market. Years ago when I shifted to a more plant based diet, I felt very airy fairy and flighty. One of my mentors told me you just can’t eat salads and smoothies all day and think you are going to have enough fuel in your body to be active.

I wasn’t used to eating grounding plant based foods. Now I enjoy black beans and rice, mung beans, beets and lots of potatoes. Yes starches like sweet potatoes and brown rice are my friends. I cook a lot with bone broth.  Occasionally I also enjoy lamb or buffalo meat. All of which I can get from local organic farms.

Just like the kids going back to school, us adults have to get back into our health and fitness routines as well. Good  luck and let me know how it goes!


Yoga Tip

I was watching a beautiful documentary on Greg Louganis, one of the worlds best divers.  He was giving advice to a young olympian who was frustrated about her progress.  He said something to the effect that learning happens in layers.

Do one thing, master it, then move on to the next.  As you settle back into your Fall routine, infuse one healthy habit back into your life at a time.

We want lots of changes now!  As Greg advices, learn in layers.  Then it will stick just like those amazing dives he used to do over and over again!

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