Get Your Hair Ready for the Summer

By: Lisa Ristorucci – Professional Errand Courier

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Those of you with curly hair know that it takes a certain talent in a stylist to get that perfect curly cut. Devachon Salon specializes in curly hair and has gathered all stylists who possess the tendril touch into one salon. Originally hailed from NYC, they have brought their specialty salon to LA with a location in Culver City. They also formulate their own line of products designed for curly hair. Try their DevaCurl No Poo Cleanser, it will change the way you wash your hair.

It’s no secret but many of you may have underestimated the extremely effective results of the Wen product line. Yes, I know it is a product typically found on late night infomercials but this stuff actually works. Their styling crème is not only good for your hair but adds dimension and depth to your hair color. And if you want tousled beach hair for the summer, try Wen Texture Balm .

And where to go for those perfect summer highlights? I’ve always loved Denis De Souza who now works out of Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood. He has been hailed as one of LA’s best colorists by both Vogue and Allure magazines and who works on celebs the likes of Mila Kunis. You will love the look of his rich, natural sun-touched color. Topping it off with one of his special keratin treatments to give your hair a healthy glow will make you impatient for summer to begin!

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By: Lisa Ristorucci
 – Professional Errand Courier

Contributor’s websiteGofer Girls 

Image Credits: 1. Devachon; 2. Wen; 3. Denis DeSouza Blog

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