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LA is all about food and family. Voted “Best Food City in America” by Zagat for 2017, we are so proud to call Los Angeles our hometown. Six Taste Food Tours is a family-owned business of LA locals that offers guests the opportunity to explore our city of Los Angeles (on foot…yes, let’s get out of that LA traffic and walk!) through various neighborhood food tours while supporting local businesses.

Just imagine getting an eye-opening historic sightseeing tour of LA’s hidden historic gems while tasting signature dishes at some of our favorite LA spots along the way. Get thousands of steps on your pedometer while eating delicious and authentic food from LA’s devoted chefs. This is the perfect kind of day in LA for both locals and visitors. Over 1000 guests have shared their experience on Yelp and TripAdvisor, so hopefully that will convince you to join the fun!

As an LA native, I grew up eating my mother’s incredible Vietnamese dishes- from the popular Pho to my absolute favorite Canh Chua and Ca Kho (sweet and sour tamarind soup and caramelized catfish in a clay pot). Born and raised in the valley (a.k.a “Sally from the Valley”), I have a deep love and appreciation for LA’s diverse culture and cuisine.

Before jumping to entrepreneurship, I taught as a public middle school teacher in LA for over 8 years. I absolutely loved teaching. However, it was time to start a family, and I needed to find a way to still teach while raising my children mostly from home. As a 2nd generation Asian-American, I am deeply committed to teaching my children their native Vietnamese language and culture, so what better way to do that than growing a business that fits my priorities as a parent and allows me to still apply my skills and passion as an educator.

With my husband Jonathan, daughter Madelyn (now 5 years old), and son Miles (now 3 years old), I am excited to share my journey of the ups and downs of operating a business while raising a family and give you the scoop on some recommended restaurants and culinary events that affirms our city’s title as “Best Food City in America.”

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