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arcade games
Simon Says
  • Cocktails – check.
  • Great DJ – check.
  • Fine fare – check.
  • Enticing visuals – check.

But now what?  We’ve encouraged a surge in “experiential” elements at events.


To keep things interesting, and to keep sometimes-jaded guests engaged, we’ve turned to the traditional trick of “fun and games” at both corporate and social soirees, as an added bonus elements.  The results – successful!

When our client turned 30, we payed homage to the 80’s decade of his birthdate with old-school Donkey Kong arcade games and table games like Operation and Simon.  Check online for local companies that rent vintage arcade games – and browse e-bay for games-gone-by.  Set assorted table games on coffee tables, and you’ll be amazed at the party camaraderie that follows.

Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, birthday fun, black girls rock,  arcade games

Foosball remains a popular Classic, and online rental companies like Planet-It Interactive have endless options for pool hall fun.

Veuve Clicquot

 And speaking of pool halls, why not bring in a few rental tables and cues to your next event and let the competition begin.

Holiday Party
Beehives and Billiards

Poker tables are an easy way to evoke guest bonding, too.  Our favorite partners at West LA Poker show up with tables, chips and dealers in hand.  Creating a casino has never been easier.


For a corporate client’s WARRIOR-themed event, we customized a rental arm-wrestling machine with logo branding, and guests lined up around the room to take a turn at testing their might.

GM Titanium

Outdoor settings become the perfect excuse for an other-era group game of Croquet.  Buy colorful sets online,  stage the course, and encourage guests to wear all-white and drink Bubbly in the spirit of the Game.

Ruinart Croquet

When a pool is involved, toss in branded beach balls and floaties to encourage water volleyball and raft races.

Pool Party
Slash of Belvedere

It’s the return to old-fashioned, hands-on sandbox playtime that seems to be sought in this day and age of e-socializing and techno communities. Who knew?  We’ve stirred great fun with games – and not one has lost an eye.


photo credits:  Claire Barrett Photography

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