Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

At such a time as this, images in the media would have us believe we are becoming more separate as a human race. There is an ongoing list of how we often divide ourselves. This separation was of course created by us. The human race will evolve as it always has and it always will. This evolution does not usually happen in a straight line from A-Z. What has existed for so long is now being exposed and coming to the surface.  


At first this article was dedicated to the Black men in Baton Rouge and Minnesota who most recently lost their lives to police violence. As events unfolded, the dedication quickly expanded to include the police in Dallas whose lives were taken from gun violence. Just as soon as I was finishing the post, the attacks in France took place. And there are more, many more.

As John Donne quotes, “Any mans death diminishes me.”

Traumatic events have an adverse effect on our nervous system.

If yoga is your tool of choice to manage the stress in life, this Fresh Air Yoga video was created for you. Research shows that even looking at pictures of nature calms us down. If your environment allows, practice this video outside in the fresh air.


Remember, when you practice yoga, you are not only positively impacting your nervous system. You are blessing the nervous system of your family, romantic relationships, colleagues, your community and the world. The goodness doesn’t just stay with you, it contributes to all of humanity.

You may feel the current state of affairs have YOU emotionally apprehended. This does not have to be. To be clear, we are not ignoring the facts. We ARE taking steps to WELLNESS to create lasting change in mind, body, home, community, work etc…

Breathe in the fresh air. Feel the grass under your feet. And soak in the blue skies. Connect. Even if its virtually. 

Much Love.

Yoga Tip

I highly recommend doing yoga warm ups before starting any practice. This prevents injury and gives you an idea of where you feel tight, open and everything else in between.

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