Flowers Gone Funky

By Jeff Brown – Event Planner
Contributor’s Website: BrownHot Events

While most would fill a teacup with – what else, but tea – we like to buck the system and catch our guests offguard! Filling unexpected vessels and containers with fresh florals gives a whole new meaning to the word “centerpiece”. Take a look at some of our recent unexpected floral presentations. Our flowers were very happy we gave them these fun homes to fill:

A haunted cocktail party called for glitter skulls filled with purples.

Our client’s bridal shower gave nod to a traditional tea party in unconventional ways – it wasn’t tea they were sipping from their teacups…

Old, vintage trunks and luggage pieces make for beautiful expressions of floral fantasy. We branded one specifically for a corporate client’s croquet party.

While most birds lay eggs in their nests, we commissioned a very special bird to fill her nest with flowers for a VIP baby shower recently.

And though most women try to keep their hairdos free of unwanted treasures, our Marie Antoinette-inspired dollheads were blushing with blossom at a French dinner party.

Nothing perks up pink like a faux-zebra wrapped magazine basket. Magazines, schmagazines.

On your next party shopping adventure, consider any vessel of interest that holds water (or can be lined with a water bowl) and catches your attention – and you’ve opened up your floral presentation options to anything that moves you, and says WOW. Your flowers will definitely thank you!

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Contributor’s Website: BrownHot Events

Image Credits: Claire Barrett Photography

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