Flower Power

By:  Jeff Brown – Event Planner
Contributor’s Website:  Brown Hot Events

Even God intended for every party to have them – that’s why they’re covering Mother Earth – FLOWERS!

Gone are the days that dictated gigantic floral arrangements be displayed at parties – less is definitely more now. Don’t leave botanica out of your budget because you think you can’t afford flowers. Make magic with the following edicts and secrets, a la BrownHot mindset:

Try to select interesting floral varities, avoiding the more common flowers like hydrangea, lilies, and the like. Our favorites include ranunculus, peonies, and dahlias. Interesting, luxe, lush floral heads.

Pick a bold, intense COLOR and own it – our favorites are monochromatic flower palettes rather than multi-colored. There are exceptions to the rule, but it’s rare.

It’s not your grandma’s “mixed bouquet” anymore – choose a single flower head and then buy masses of that same flower – en masse is our favorite trick!

We’re graced with the presence of many unspeakably talented floral designers in Southern California.

And blessed to make make magic with them. Our favorites include Sticks and Stones, the Velvet Garden, and HollyFlora. Check them out.

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Contributor’s Website:  Brown Hot Events

Image Credits:  Claire Barrett Photograhy 

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