Feng Shui Holiday

The Holiday season is approaching and you might be thinking, “Hey, I’d like my place to have more harmony and happiness for family and friends. What can I do?” A dash of Feng Shui cheer goes a long way so let’s sort through the party check-list:

Feng Shui holiday
excerpts from “Thursdays with Mom & Michael” photos by Karl Wolfgang
  • INVITE GOOD SPIRITS – positive Qi (pronounced chee) or life-force energy arrives at the front door. You want a Bright Hall or Ming Tang to collect this positive Qi which is a broad open space both outside and inside your front door also called a foyer. Greeters like your pets, children or even you welcome guests when they arrive at the front door. Fresh flowers, wreaths and pumpkins also make great greeters as long as they are fresh (if your wreath has been there since last year it is a dust catcher and negative energy.) Light yummy scented candles to create a welcoming ambiance.
  •  CONVERSATIONAL SEATING – whether we are talking about the living room, kitchen, or the dining room make sure your seating invites lively conversations and interaction. The more seating the merrier and particularly at the dining table there should not be a king or queen. Chairs can be mix-matched but should be equal in size. Round or oval coffee tables and dining tables are best. Sharp glass edges are a bruise waiting to happen, especially after a few too many egg nogs.
  • TOAST THE GOOD LIFE – this is not Feng Shui, but once the house is set and guests have arrived it’s time to let go and enjoy the moment. Being in the here and now is super important. Go with the flow is the best holiday advice I can give you. Do not worry if everything is not perfect because it’s in the imperfections where life is lived. Gratitude and blessings is the best way I know to invite even more opportunities, happiness, love and prosperity into your life.

Sending you blessings for a super holiday season, Anita

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