Feng Shui Fact or Fiction

By: Anita Rosenberg – Spiritualist
Contributor’s website: Anita Rosenberg

Feng Shui is not a fad or religion. It is an environmental science that had been around for 4,000 years (some say 3,000 but in either case it’s a long time.) Western folks like their Feng Shui westernized. For ten years I subscribed to the Western approach as a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui. Does it work? Sure it does. But then, positive thinking and belief goes a long way.

My approach to Feng Shui changed five years ago when I started studying with Master Joey Yap founder of Master Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. Joey has spent his entire career studying the ancient texts and learning from those in China who are still alive to pass along this ancient art. What I love about the Classical approach is that it combines ALL fields of Chinese Metaphysics like BaZi Chinese Astrology, Yi Ching, Date Selection and Face Reading.

According to the Cosmic Trinity of Chinese Metaphysics there are three areas that control our lives. Each controls one-third: HEAVEN LUCK – EARTH LUCK – MAN LUCK. Earth Luck is your Feng Shui. Where you live affects you profoundly. Here are my top myths and truths about the real Feng Shui.


  1. When the toilet lid is raised your money flows out

    …In Classical Feng Shui the toilet does not have a big impact on residences because we don’t spend a lot of time there. The idea of business luck being flushed away by toilets is exaggerated by New Age ideas. Of course, it’s more attractive to keep your lid down.

      1. Colors you decorate with affect your Feng Shui

        …Colors of curtains, walls, and carpets are personal choices and not Feng Shui decisions. They have a psychological effect for sure. And they have a 10% Qi effect.

      1. Staircases do not belong in the center of a house

        …The Central Palace or Heavenly Heart of a home is called the Tai Ji. He must be kept peaceful and stable. A staircase in the middle of a house disrupts the calm Qi. Those living with a staircase in the center will not enjoy good health, will often have bad tempers and be constantly anxious and irritable.

          1. Main door facing T-Junction road is bad

            …Most people know to avoid buying a home or business that faces a T-Intersection. The truth is that you mainly need to be concerned by the front door being hit by the T-Junction. If the traffic is heavy, the Crashing Sha is a serious problem that brings severe health issues or accidents. It can be alleviated by planting trees or creating a barrier for the Qi. But it is best to be avoided.

              *these are a few tips and if you’d like to read more in upcoming blogs, please let us know.

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              Contributor’s website: Anita Rosenberg

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