Feng Shui Checklist For Selling Your House

By: Anita Rosenberg – Spiritualist  

Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg 

When a prospective buyer cries, you get your asking price!

·        Buyers do not miss a thing

·        Less is more

·        Great garage is a big selling point


1.          “If it does not fit on the camel – it does not go to the next oasis.”
2.            In selling a home, clutter is your worst enemy
3.            In Chinese culture – the kitchen is of paramount importance
4.            Bathrooms need special attention
5.            Activate the olfactory system
6.            Windows are the eyes of Qi
7.             Be critical of pet food areas
8.             Minimum number of pictures on wall
9.             Paint interiors or clean with TSP
10.           Place fresh flowers.
11.           Camouflage all electrical cords.
12.           Blinds up for sunshine, windows open for ventilation.
13.           Have carpets professionally cleaned.

             CURB APPEAL

             1.             Meandering Qi
             2.             Dead of dying plants are dead Qi
             3.             No thorny plants or spiky cactus
             4.             Odd numbers are best
             5.             Blooming flowers
             6.             Fresh welcome mat
             7.             Greeters
             8.             Fountain, water pointing towards front door
             9.             Clear house numbers, easy to see and easy to read
            10.            All lights working


                   1.       Front door opens completely – allowing new opportunities

Do not fall in love with your house again.  Your goal is to SELL.

Have a farewell party – ritual – closure

“To sell a house is to walk away from a cluster of memories; to buy it is to choose where the future will take place.”

            – “Under the Tuscan Sun,” Frances Mayes

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Anita Rosenberg is a Feng Shui Expert who lives and works in Hollywood .

Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

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