Feeling Disappointed, Let Yoga Help

Many people have been experiencing disappointments recently. Not life or death issues, just those things that make you daaaaannng. Not getting the callback for the show they really had their heart set on. A project getting pulled that they’d been working on day in and day out. Of course it happens to all of us. And when it happens, it stings. Its like someone punched you in the stomach. You feel this huge void. Dynamic mindful yoga movements are an incredible tool for moving through life’s disappointments.

Usually these unexpected disappointments are so subjective to how another person feels. It really out of your hands. Big or small, these situations can be blows to our psyche. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is no separation of the mind and body. So when things happen, the body is effected. If we are not careful, we may find ourselves doing something that throws us even more out of whack. When you say “Eff it, I’m just gonna….. .” you fill in the blank. 

Yoga is definitely a healthy choice to assist in rebalancing the mind body connection. Yoga can help us deal, accept and let go, allowing us to move forwards in a healthy way. As we all know, life does keep moving on with or without us.

In TCM, addressing the lungs and the large intestine help rebalance emotions. Please enjoy my latest yoga video, It’s All Good. This video is a whole body practice with a special focus on the lungs and large intestine. 

We all know the overused saying, “When one door closes, another door opens”. Something even better, perhaps something our limited human mind can’t fathom, is rolling in.

Our feelings of disappointment are not to be swept under the rug. We are human. Honor those feelings, even the one’s you are embarrassed to tell anyone about. If you feel stuck, remember one of the major benefits of yoga is to help you move through physical and emotional obstructions.

After your practice, think about or write down all of the goodness that has come from this blessing in disguise. One of my student’s mentioned, now she actually has time to do all of those things she wasn’t able to do before; like eat lunch away from her desk and stay the entire yoga class!

Yoga Tips

Please do a warm up before you practice the yoga video, Its All Good. It won’t be all good if you don’t warm up first:) To work with me in person and to move through your obstructions safely and efficiently, come to my upcoming Shadow Yoga Workshop in Burbank, CA. It starts next week. Also coming up is my Women’s Health Course. We’ll tackle prevention and treatment of the modern women’s health challenges. Its a tele-course, all you need is a phone!

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