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By: Jennifer Culp –Interior Designer

Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios
As I trepsed over train cars and dodged balls flying at my head this week, I looked around my house and realized what a difficult task it is to balance kids with your design style.   Many of my clients have children, but don’t want to relinquish their entire house to a romper room… which is perfectly understandable.  It’s also difficult to sequester the kids to one area and then have adult rooms that are “off limits”.  A house is much more functional if it all flows and is useable.  So how do you combine sophistication with the sippy cup?  Here are some helpful tips to create a match made in heaven.

Embrace your childs creativity…. framing kids art is a terrific way to involve your child in the décor in a sophisticated way.  It usually makes for fabulous art to boot.

An inspirational quote on the wall is a playful way to engage the whole family

A fabric corkboard is also a clever way to incorporate a mix of kid and adult items.

Pouf, poufs, poufs…. always stylish and durable they work in any setting.

Try to stay away from the typical blue and pink for children’s bedrooms.  Instead try a bold yellow or green… still colorful but more neutral.

Display kids books like art… they have such wonderful book covers it makes for an interesting adult wall too.
If designing a house or remodeling consider an open floor plan.  It makes everyone feel connected, plus you can keep an eye on what the little rascals are doing!
And finally have a little fun yourself… occasionally put something whimsical and playful up.  It will keep your house fresh and modern… and keep you young at heart.

Design Tip:
Don’t try to separate your house into adult and kid rooms… instead think of creative ways to incorporate your childrens life into your décor.  A balance will make the whole family happy.

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By: Jennifer CulpInterior Designer
Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios

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