Everything Old is New Again

I recently attended a meeting within a building called “Rita House“, located by The Grove.  From the moment I walked through the gate I couldn’t help but notice the 1920’s style architecture and ambiance of the overall space.   The home was lovingly preserved and carefully selected items from it’s rich history were proudly displayed.  Enclosures Architects have kept the creative spirit alive with having the building  serve as a co-working community space.  They are blending the past with the present within a building that is rich in architectural details that exemplify true craftsmanship while at the same time recognizing it’s soul and keeping that force alive.  Something I think the namesake; Rita, would have truly wanted.

Following is an interview I had with Tash Rahbar; of Enclosures Architects, who coincidentally also owns this magical working environment with her partner; Scott Strumwasser.

R I T A H O U S E from diane estelle Vicari on Vimeo.


Where did the name Rita House come from?  Rita house is named after our great friend and previous owner of this building Rita Riggs. She was a famous costume designer for people like Alfred Hitchcock to Norman Lear. She owned this building for 50years and had her living and design studio on different floors. She was an amazing person. We were her tenants and close friends for 30 years and we took care of her in her last year of her life. She lived with us in the building. She passed away last June5th.

What is the history? This building was built in 1926 for Tallman studios a Hollywood prop house and a photography studio. Later was a violin factory and then Rita purchased it in 1967.

How did the property look like when you purchased it? The property looked somewhat the same from outside . We added the front wooden fence and creates a patio and included a lot of what Rita had laying around the building to decorate. Everything that you see in the building was there in some form we re purposed them.

What architectural features drew you to it? This building has a lot of history. Many known people have gone through it. It is Spanish colonial style which is very Much identifies with Los Angeles . We were attracted to this building because it was true to its period and had a lot of character.


How is the spaced used now? We are using it for coworking and event/production rental.

What has been the most unique use of the space? Rita was always interested in have creative people in the building so she started her own co-working 50 yrs ago. She would only rent private spaces and left the main lounge and the library for everyone to use and share. She was ahead of her time in many ways. This building stayed dormant for about 15yrs. When Rita retired she didn’t have the energy to manage the building. So now we feel that we have pumped new blood into the building and it has come to life once again. Many dinners, wine tasting, movie production, still photography and too many to count uses have been going on since we opened in August.

Rita seemed well ahead of her time with renting out her space; essentially creating the WeWork style format that we see today.  It just goes to show you..Everything old is new again.

If you are interested in renting within this supportive community workspace or hosting an event here, contact: Rita House.

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Photo credits: Rita photo: Hollywood Reporter, Interior Shots:  Joshua Sugiyama.

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