Enchant the Garden


When a client asked us to bring “Midsummer Night’s Dream” to life in their backyard, we started shopping  for butterflies and dragonflies – 875 of them to be exact.  Remember the power of multiplicity, especially in vast spaces.  Many an online source exist for finding such props.


 Wardrobe_springtime_Lapel pin

They fluttered on waitstaff shirts, on our hostess’ dress, and even came to life in the form of a 12′ tall stilt-toting Dragonfly who greeted guests at the red carpet.

   Dragonfly_Stiltwalker_Midsummer nights dream

Decorative Fairy_ a mid summer nights dream_ britweek_McvitiesFans of “animation” at events, we brought famed characters BOTTOM the donkey and Titania, the fairy princess, to life in the form of living mannequins –  custom-styled from head to toe.  In addition, guests were surprised by a living, talking “floral wall” that cruised the party a la stilts.

Mid summer nights dream_stilt walker_live flowersRegardless of budget, and degree of execution, the point is to bring things to life and have them roam your next event for bigtime wow – be it a child’s party, corporate launch, or backyard BBQ.  When we don’t have the luxury of accessing our style team, we shop online for costume websites and buy key wardrobe accessories to build from.

    Britweek_Fairy_a mid summer nights dream    A mid summer Nights Dream_bottom

Check out: Adele’s of Hollywood, or had over to Star Makers for some great affordable costume options.

To complete the ambiance, we anchored an all-wooden bar and forest-creature puppets to the mix.  We contacted our local puppeteer shop and they were thrilled to oblige.

Marionette_ a mid summer nights dream_frog_puppetConsider asking the local Theatre company in town, or the children’s theatre group to participate in this fun way.

So first you take a garden, sprinkle it with butterflies and sprung-to-life roaming characters, add a dash of wooden wonders, and you’ve got yourself an enchanted Forest.

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