No Empty Nest…just another cooler Nest!

What do you do when your kids fly the coop? I imagine one would feel a swirl of emotions, but I would recommend directing that energy towards a new world of possibilities!
Does your current home still fit your needs? Now that being close to that award winning elementary school doesn’t matter anymore…how about living in that chic concierge-style condo with drop dead views or that artsy loft in the heart of the city? Now’s the time to close your eyes and imagine the next phase of your life. Why wait?

Is that white picket fence not working for you anymore?
Is that white picket fence not working for you anymore?

I had a client the other day talk to me about how he’d like to be more involved with his grand kids. He’s been in the same home for the past 14 years that’s hours away from them. We talked about how he would ideally like having a place that was closer so he could spend more time with them. He also wanted the home to be walking distance to the beach, where he pictured himself playing with the kids. I ended up connecting him with an expert realtor within the area and in no time they found the ideal place and  is now in escrow. Sometimes all you need to do is to dream out loud to set the wheels in motion.

Love your life! Love your nest! Don’t be afraid of change!

Kelly Wearstler in her Malibu digs

How do you get started if you are feeling the urge for a change? Make the steps to do it. It’s no wonder that Nike’s “Just do it” phrase is so popular. It strikes a chord because most people are afraid to do anything new, but once they try, they are happy they did.

There’s also that responsible part of me that can’t help but interject and make sure that your finances are in check before you dive in. It’s always a good idea to have a great Financial Planner to be a part of your team. It’s a smart move to be realistic as to what you can afford before you begin any major move.

Next, pay attention to you what’s important to you. Remember what it was like to be a kid and you freely just picked up that instrument or paint brush and your only care was having fun? Try to get back to that. Forget any of those negative influences that may not be necessarily in your best interest.

Now that’s a room with a view!

Once you have selected an area, how about spending some time in the neighborhood. Talk to the locals and ask questions. Check out the vibe. Does it fit with you? Are you happy just being there? Does it feel “right”? Once you checked those boxes, start looking at the available homes in the area.

Your Realtor is also a key player in your team. They should know your wish list so they can work with you to make it come true.  It’s not worth trying to do it on your own.  Realtors that work the area most likely also live in the area…they know the neighborhoods and some times they know the other local agents.  Homes can be challenging to get into in a hot market, so buyers need all the help they can get.  Also, the paperwork involved in a transaction can be quite intimidating.  It is important to work with someone that can walk you through the process that has experience.  They will be representing “you” so make sure you take some the to pick just the right one. Ask around…referrals are good to get, but don’t settle…meet with them and see if they’re the right fit for you.

Don’t just dream…do it!

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