Emotional Tornadoes- How Yoga Can Help

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Like many of you, for the past month, I have been watching the destructive footage of the recent tornadoes that took place in Oklahoma and Texas. It is hard to believe the amount of damage that occurred. Thankfully, the recovery process is well under way and people are slowly AND surely repairing their lives.

My heart goes out to all who experienced any amount of tragedy, especially the loss of loved ones.

During these times, we get the opportunity to witness how helpful human beings are in the face of tragedy. The amount of compassion brings tears to my eyes.

I remember when I was growing up in Ohio, we had a good amount of tornado warnings. We referred to them as twisters. My mom would shuffle us downstairs into the basement. Of course there was no power to watch TV and talk on the phone.

This forced us to stay close and connect to one another. We would tell stories, eat popcorn, and when it got really scary, we’d pray.

The next day, the yard was completely wrecked, maybe the gutters fell off, and there was usually a big flood in the basement. We were lucky the damage was not extensive.

As human beings, we also experience emotional and spiritual tornado seasons. We do our personal best to stay afloat. Our intention is not to bring on more drama!

One thing I continually learn on a deeper level is this, we all need support, especially during our mental tornado seasons.

Because many of us are SO independent and SO self sufficient, we forget to ask for help. I say this from experience and am now on the other side.

Contrary to what many of us believe, human beings are wired to have support through communities, teachers, therapists, coaches, classes, families, and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for going within and sussing yourself out.

Your support system is NOT there to tell YOU what to do with your life. Your support system is there to help you live the life of YOUR dreams.

Often when we are going through tough moments, we keep to ourselves. Then after the storm, we feel ok to tell our story.

What is the response from those who care about us the most? “Why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped you!!!” And we say, “Yeah, I felt ashamed, I felt it was my fault, I felt it was going just going to go away, etc……”

I heard one of my mentors say this past weekend at a conference, “When challenging moments arise, walk through them, don’t pitch a tent and stay there for a while.” I thought that was brilliant! Often we need help so we do not pitch a tent.

Taking group or private yoga sessions is a great way to assist YOU to walk through the aspects of life that seemingly tear you down with no mercy.

As your yoga instructor, I am holding the space for you to heal and evolve on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. If you have the breath of life, you have to move at the levels that are appropriate for you.

It does not mean your condition is not real. It means making the decision to consciously move and breath will shake off your condition. The results of your decision will lead you to a life of health in all you do (work, relationships, and body).

Yoga Hints of the Month:

1. For your home personal practice, practice what come to your mind, that is most likely what you need. Don’t worry about remembering everything pose from class.
2. Often those who love us the most may not be capable of helping you through the storm because of their own conditioning. For better and faster results, be choosey with whom you share your challenges with.

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Contributor’s Website –  Cindi Lee Yoga

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