Edible Swag

By:  Jeff Brown – Event Planner
Contributor’s Website:  Brown Hot Events

Remember the days of opulent giftbags handed out as you departed a stellar event?  Filled with Rolex watches, seasons tickets to the Lakers, and the like?  They’re long gone out the window with the economy.  But it’s really not that sad – because we’ve found a better alternative, and it’s EDIBLE.

Clients always feel the pressure to treat their guests to a departing gift – it’s a nice thought, and if you have leftover party budget money, why not?  But only if it’s something either useful, valuable,  super unique or all of the above!
Instead,  give them an “edible kiss goodnight”, as we like to call it. Think giant lollies with your name or logo.

Indulge them with homemade pop tarts in creative packaging.  They’ve never looked so forward to post-party breakfast.

Make the cold walk home bearable with the world’s most decadent hot cocoa and homemade marshmallows – complete with custom reusable cup cozies!

Take inspiration in the season – for a Holiday soiree, our client kissed guests goodnight with their very own Gingerbread Man cookie lollies – trimmed in the party’s color palette.

 Edible swag will ease your guests’ pain over otherwise-unbearable departure sadness.  Get creative, and give it a try.

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Contributor’s Website:  Brown Hot Events
Photo credits:  Claire Barrett Photography, Andre Maier
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