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By: Laine Neil – Stylist
Contributor’s Website: Matti & Me

As I was strolling through Whole Foods on my break I came across the May issue of Vogue. It was The Great Gatsby themed cover with Carey Mulligan and being the book, film, and fashion junkie that I am I couldn’t not buy it … so I bought it.

My intention in buying it was to drool over the Prada designed costumes for the film and maybe snag a quick glimpse of our favorite model Cara Delavigne.

But what I came across instead (or additionally, we all know Cara is everywhere) was an interesting little tidbit printed in red on the side bar of an article. “Fashion is now holding up its mirror to an obvious social reality: What you “should” look like now only means what suits you best.” This really got me thinking about how sexy and beautiful a woman can be even if she isn’t waif thin fitting into all of the “ideal” measurement categories. A prime example of this is actress Christina Hendricks, she is arguably one of the most beautiful women ever and she is far from a size zero.

What I love about her is how she embraces and more importantly emphasizes her curves. As a former dancer I have quite an athletic build and no matter how much I have tried I will not fit into my size 00 jeans from high school. I believe that dressing for your body type is one of the most powerful tools a woman can possess (other than smarts and a curling iron) For instance, if your body tends to gain weight through the middle, dresses that show your arms and cut off above the knee will do your body wonders. If you are curvy and voluptuous like our Christina then things that cinch in the waist and hug your assets will work for you well. We deal with many different body types in the store daily both from consignors and customers. Learning your shape and learning how to clothe it will not only make you look great but also make you feel confident and powerful.

Finally the fashion industry is not only allowing but embracing the idea that all body types are beautiful and are working with women instead of telling them what they need to do to look “right”.

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Contributor’s Website: Matti & Me

Image credits: 1. This is Marilyn; 2. Huffington Post; 3. Terry’s Diary; 4. NY Daily News; 5. Scarlet Stilletto

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