Dreaming of Zimbabwe

By Natalie Compagno – Travel Expert

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In 2008 I went to Africa.  Anyone who’s been there knows, it is one of THE highlights for any world traveler.  People fall in love with Africa for a reason as it is alluring, mysterious, intense and stunningly beautiful all at once.  Africa is a big continent and of course vastly different depending on which part you go to.  I went to Southern Africa and toured around six different countries but the one that stood out the most to me by far was Zimbabwe.  I can’t really explain why, it was an emotional reaction almost.  I knew instantly that I loved it there. 

The people are highly educated, interesting and very positive despite the horrific oppression from Mugabe.  They also need tourists to come and help boost their economy as well as enjoy the natural wonders that are unique to that region.  I suggest the Victoria Falls area.  It is very far from Harare the capital where the unrest is and a perfect gateway to Botswana and Zambia.  But don’t be like all the other tourists afraid to stay in Zimbabwe, basing instead in Zambia and coming in for a day trip.  Stay in Victoria Falls. You will have the vacation of a lifetime.

Zimbabwe Musts:

Stay at Amadeus Bed and Breakfast.  The pool is fantastic, rooms charming, breakfast delicious and the staff welcoming.  You feel at home instantly.
A helicopter ride above Victoria Falls is mind blowing with just enough danger to keep your adrenaline going.

My favorite day- riding elephants at Wild Horizons.  They have such distinct personalities; you will fall in love with each and every one.
Dinner at Boma.  A bit kitschy but a must.  Where else can you eat warthog, impala and mopane worms?  Yum.
Drinks or dinner at Victoria Falls Hotel.  The view is stunning and one night is enough to taste the old world glamour.

Finally a new guidebook to Zimbabwe.  A good sign that NOW is the time to go.  

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Contributor’s Website:  Traveler’s Bookcase

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