Don’t Forget To Play!

I’ve been pondering as to what I should write about this month…a new hot interior design tip, perhaps a new trendy restaurant or maybe a new posh condo development…and then I just stopped and thought…it will just come to me.  And it did!

The other morning, I was fortunate to have seen a video that was being passed around on Facebook. It asked the very poignant question…How do you spend your life?  Do you spend your time “working” towards a happier carefree time that you call retirement?  Are you spending your time punching a time clock and waiting for tomorrow to come to do what you love?  The video talks about how when you practice playing music for instance, it involves the word “play” in reference to practicing.  My goal is to incorporate the word “play” in my day to day life, not the word “work”.   Are you working to retire or playing to live?

Alan Watts & David Lindberg – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey from David Lindberg on Vimeo.

The article came at a perfect time for me for I’ve been thinking about the importance of loved ones and how it is so imperative to “pen” them in your calendar of life.  The older you get, the faster the days seem to slip by and memories are the only true gifts that sustain and give true meaning.

On Friday, in between writing up a purchase contract and a lease and preparing three houses to hit market, I paused and thought…this weekend I need to see my Mom in San Francisco.  So, I hopped on a plane first thing Saturday.  I’m fortunate to be in a business that I love, so it’s probably easier for me to interject “play” in my day to day, but gratitude and balance need to also be in the mix.  I’m learning to pause and appreciate on how lucky I am to be involved in a business that incorporates design, creative people and a forever changing environment.

Then, if that video wasn’t just a kick in the pants that I needed, my Mom rented the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun”.   The Italian countryside that was the backdrop in the movie brought back the wonderful memories of adventures that my parents shared with one another there.  My Dad has since passed, so important to note that those are the memories that when all is said and done, made my Mom so very happy.


There were other life’s lessons in the movie.  In one scene they talk about building a train track from Vienna to Venice way before they even had a train.  So the lesson here is to have a vision in place before you can put a plan into action.  Sometimes life can us throw a curve ball and we don’t even know we are going, but ultimately we have control over our own destiny but we have to be open and able to envision it. When the main character purchased the villa in Tuscany, her reason was because she had dreamed of a wedding, building a family there and sharing happy times over meals with loved ones.  To her, a home was just more than just four walls.  She sensed something the moment she walked in and paid attention.  She followed her instincts and went for it.


Did it go smooth sailing after that?  No.  There were some bumps in the road, but when she stopped thinking about it and took time to appreciate her surroundings…the “lady bugs started to pop up” (Click on the photo below to check out the scene).


I’m writing this as I sit in the airport on my way back to L.A.  There was a flight delay…Obama just flew in.  This delay gave me the chance to sit quietly, enjoy the time and write these thoughts onto paper.  Reminding me just how much I love to write and this too does not involve the dreaded word: work.  My final thoughts: you only have one life:  Don’t forget to play!

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