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Creating sacred space in a home or office is what I enjoy most. I am always asked by clients, “Where should I put my crystal, statue or magical candle?” The decision is part intuition and part metaphysical rules. For example, interspersing crystals on a bookshelf with family photographs adds an extra boost to the energy of your support group. Family members are your angels in life and you want to empower them by accenting their photos with empowering crystals.

crystals with family photos
crystals with family photos

Ganesh, Quan Yin and Buddha also enjoy being casually sprinkled on bookshelves. When you combine statues along with other treasured totems you get an overall spiritual feel rather than a focused worship vibe. If you were in Bali you would have a shrine that you would activate daily. If you lived in India, prayers to Ganesh would be your daily ritual. Public shrines in Hong Kong are hot spots for incense and wishes. Your displays combine decoration with empowerment.

Ganesh with Aqua Marine on bookshelf

For instance, I adore Fu Dogs but they are actually supposed to go outside to guard the front door. When they are decorative pieces they can hang out on your shelves but they don’t do much in terms of real energy or protection. They are just yummy to look at.

Fo Dogs on shelf
Fu Dogs on shelf

Buddha is another energy I love having around. Fat Happy Buddha brings propserity while Buddha in prayer brings serenity. I think Buddha can go anywhere.

Fat Happy Buddha and family photos
Fat Happy Buddha and family photos

Quan Yin is the goddess of compassion and mercy who protects women and children. She is always a gentle loving energy to have around. Quan Yin reminds us to tap int our own feminine receptive side more often because that is actually where our personal power resides.

Quan Yin and Apophyllite crystal
Quan Yin and Apophyllite crystal

In 2015, you can add any of these power symbols to activate Yearly Stars like #8 in the North or #9 in the Southwest or #1 in the East. Doing this is only a reminder of the enegy in those sectors for 2015 and are not placed for their elemental value. I invite you to rethink your shelves and pump up their energy with meaningful trinkets from your collection.

All photos by Anita Rosenberg

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