Dessert Tables: Bringing It Together

Often times I get asked ‘what makes a great dessert table?’ Of course there are many examples in books, magazines and gracing the boards of Pinterest. A color-coordinated spectacle. Almost too pretty to eat. However, my advice to make a dessert table unique and memorable is encapsulated in one word: heart.

Bring your own personality into the table with your theme and design. Choose desserts that you would delight in yourself. Remember to make everything easy and accessible. Label your desserts with tags to make it easy for your guests to make choices. Taste + presentation is the magic formula.


This table that I created for the FOX Critic’s Choice Awards Winter Party was meant to reflect the theme of the evening. The style book by The Visionary Group reflected a Restoration Hardware feel with earthy elements, wood and a clean look. Pulling a page from the Restoration Hardware catalog as inspiration, I kept the table all white, with empty picture frames suggesting a dessert art gallery. Bleached branches were utilized to add the natural elements that were part of the theme around the room.


The desserts were upscale and artistic baked goods from my designer baked goods line, as well as Lollibakes® Gourmet Cake Pops. Simple, easy to eat and kept bite-sized, which allows guests to try different desserts. The table boasted simple flavors: chocolate, vanilla, citrus, nuts and caramels. Including two gluten free options. Save the complex flavors for an event with a more sophisticated palate. When feeding the masses, simple is best.

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(Photo credits: Diana Sproveri)

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