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We always tell ourselves “New Year, New Me” when making New Year’s resolutions and, let’s be honest, our hopes for the new year typically fall apart after one crazy weekend with a little too much liquid celebration. By mid-year we’re opting to stay home versus go to the gym, and our one-coffee-a-day goal increases to two (or more). We start the year with high hopes, but later we fall back into our usual patterns and lifestyles.

What if a simple rearrangement of your home or an added piece of furniture could help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions year around? Sounds crazy, but it just might work. As a designer, I’ve learned that our spaces say a lot about our lifestyles, and our spaces often dictate our lifestyles. A comfy sofa leads to a lot of lounging, a good desk chair influences productivity, and a large kitchen island produces great meals! This year, let’s stick to our goals for the New Year by designing our homes to support our New Year’s resolutions. How you ask? Here are a couple examples:

Lets say your New Year’s Resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle. We always see the rush of people in the gym on New Year’s Day signing up for memberships. I completely support the goal, but, let’s face it, we live in Los Angeles where our busy schedules and the heavy traffic make us want to head straight home after work. No matter what industry your are in, there is always something going on and there are not enough hours in the day to fit everything in. (We’ve all been there.) Instead of beating yourself up about missing a gym day and heading straight for the can of cinnamon rolls, a bottle of wine and Netflix, redesign your space to work for your goals! Open up a space in your home that is just for working out. Buy a new yoga mat that flows with the color scheme of your home. Instead of sitting in a chair while browsing the internet, sit on a medicine ball to strengthen your core and improve your posture. These are a few of many options available to help promote better and healthier living through design.


Is your goal to the finish that book you’ve been working on for an….embarrassing amount of time? I know from experience that writing from your home, though convenient, is a deathtrap. We find something else to do whether it’s Thursday night and Scandal is on, or you take your laptop to your bed and oops, you find yourself waking up an hour later drooling on your notebook with only half a word on your page. Instead, invest in a large desk (in a style that inspires you!), hang some wall shelves above it, buy a lamp that provides the right light, find a comfortable chair, and get to writing! Candles and plants are great additions to any space. The right candle scent can encourage alertness (lemon!) and improve memory and decision making (lilac!). See! Isn’t design amazing?!

The pieces in our spaces and the way they are arranged can either make our lives relaxing or chaotic. Your home should be a place of refuge, reflecting your hopes and dreams in life…including your New Year’s resolutions. Make your space support your goals for this year, and you may just find yourself at the gym in December having had a cup of tea (instead of coffee!) that morning.


If you need some help in making your space reflect your New Year’s goals, our team of very savvy designers at West Elm Los Angeles would be happy to assist you with a COMPLIMENTARY, in-home design consultation. If your resolution is to save money this year, then we are already heading in the right direction! Call or visit the store for details.

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