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By:  Bing Dinh – Personal Trainer
Contributor’s Website:  Bing Dinh

We are all architects. Some of you might say, “No, I have a degree in medicine,” or “I’m an attorney,” while others identify themselves as artists. True, those may be your professions, but in real life, we are all constantly and unconsciously building our houses—our bodies— following a construction blueprint in our head. These houses are all perfect, whether they are one or three bedroom, two or 10 stories tall. What matters most are the materials used to build this house.  

We don’t come out of the womb with this blueprint. We are taught along the way as we grow, through our family, friends, media and teachers. Since our bodies are already built, the only thing we can do is to focus on “cleaning house.” It is a 90 day process, but at the end, your house will be so nice, fresh and clean that it will be the ultimate pleasure to live in. 

Bad foods equal bad habits. The first 30 days is about clearing all the bad foods from your house. Stock up on healthy foods so you can replace your bad habits with good ones, while building a healthy new mindset. By the end of day 30, you’ve created a pattern that is hard to break. 

The second month is all about momentum. Your good habits will work like compounded interest in your checking account. Your metabolism doubles or even triples. The outlook of the new house is starting to shape up.

The third month is the end to this house cleaning, but also a beginning to a new, long-lasting healthy lifestyle. By day 90, those bad habits will be a distant past. Your blueprint will be transformed, so the structure of your masterpiece will be much better, stronger and more beautiful. Don’t let anybody stop or slow down your construction. You control that STOP-GO lever, so crank it up and let’s GO FORWARD.

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Contributor’s Website:  Bing Dinh

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