December Belly Sticking Around?

Can you believe its already the beginning of March?

If you haven’t been able to shake out of the holiday slumber, this 18 minute yoga video is for you. Time is clearly flying and our bodies need to catch up to 2016 (safely of course).

Come January, we often beat up our bodies, seemingly punishing ourselves from holiday overwhelm!

I was recently adjusting one of my students in a twisting pose. You know, the kind of twist that squeezes your belly, its hard to breathe and you feel like a pretzel?

My student said, “That’s as far as I can go, I’m still too full from the holidays!”

I started cracking up.

So I whipped up this video on my iPhone to help those of us out who are still feeling the blah in our bellies from the holidays. Most of us can relate!

The video will help tone your core and cleanse your digestive system.

Cheers to accepting your body at the stage it is now, December belly or not. And to keeping yourself healthy throughout the entire year.

Yoga Tip

***If you experience chronic back pain, please modify by bending your legs in forward folds and bring your knees on the floor in plank. As always, listen to your body as your body knows itself best! Watch the video first, certain movements are not appropriate for you if you are dealing with any type of injury.

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