Creating Your Outdoor Sacred Space

By Bruce Izmirian – Founder of Sacred Grounds Landscape Design 
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Sacred Grounds Landscape Design

The person I am today was born out of a series of profound outdoor adventures. Today, it doesn’t matter whether I’m in a public or private garden, the forest or the seaside – so long as there is open sky above and solid ground below, I’m happy. So I wonder: do children today have a similar sense of wonder about the outdoors that I did? How often do they use their imagination to create stories, build forts out of rocks and twigs, and spend hours among the trees and natural world? How many times during a week do they connect with nature? And how about us? When do we -as adults- get to be one with the out of doors, with nothing to do but simply be?

As the founder of Sacred Grounds Landscape Design, I’m a firm believer that outdoor spaces should be a whole lot more than just a place to hang the laundry or a space to kick the ball around on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Your garden space should provide hours of fun and a lifetime of memories for you and your family. Outdoor living that draws you into the natural world and play a crucial role in both nurturing your well-being and in helping you find inner peace and joy. Exposure to fresh air, water, plants, and sunshine immediately reconnects you to your essential humanity and plugs you into the planet’s life force. 

If you are serious about transforming your outdoor space the following are considerations that can help you realize your vision. Your space should accommodate your life, not the other way around: it should be designed around you. Outdoor living is about being as comfortably and functionally outdoors as we do indoors, and the trick is to determine how you can best achieve this in your unique space. We all know that we are intrinsically connected to gardens: the human spirit lights up in the presence of natural beauty. The concept of creating a garden that is lived in, not simply looked at, allows us to reconnect with nature in a whole new way. Think of garden design as a game of seduction. When you create destination spaces in your outdoor area, you pull people out to the garden. People want to be surrounded by beauty; they crave it. 

So think about how and where you would like to live, play, and work in the space. If you like entertaining friends inside, for example, roll the bar and grill outside. 

 If you like napping in the afternoon on a weekend or doing yoga every morning at sunrise, roll the meditation or lounge space outside. 

These days there is nothing that can’t be achieved outside in terms of what only existed inside the house. The sky is the limit. Let your imagination run wild and pamper your loved ones with the luxury they deserve. 

Plants and flowers aren’t the only things that grow in a garden. The human spirit is nurtured, too: Worldwide statistics show that crime decreases when gardens are installed in high-alert urban areas. Children are known to study more effectively when surrounded by nature. And of course, we are all familiar with the benefits that a garden can bring in terms of reducing stress levels. Let’s face it: we can all do with a bit of that. When an outdoor space is functionally designed, it can grow human potential, health, and positive thinking. Never underestimate the power of nature. 

If these aren’t good enough reasons to create a space that fosters a genuine connection with nature, what is?

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Contributor’s Website:   Sacred Grounds Landscape Design

Image Credits:  Bruce Izmirian
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