Cozy Up

After FINALLY getting around to putting all the holiday decorations away, I find myself longing to hang onto that cozy feeling surrounding that time of year. Is it possible to nest all year long? Absolutely! Having a cozy environment does not mean sacrificing style. In fact the rooms we feel most comfortable in, are usually the ones that have a relaxed, intimate feel.
Here are six easy tips to keeping some cozy in your life year round…

1. Wood, Wood, Wood!

What could be more natural and warm than wood? But wood does not have to mean a rustic camping lodge. Instead contrast your wood with a bright color to freshen it up.


 2. Texture

Try  not to have too many sleek surfaces in a room without adding some texture. The textural window shades in this kitchen prevent it from being too white and cold.


3. Stacked Books

There is nothing more interesting and informal than having stacks of books in your home. And people will be intrigued to see what you are reading!


4. Velvet

Velvet is one of those amazing fabrics you have to be careful with. When used incorrectly it can seem stuffy and old fashioned. But paired with fresh and modern colors it creates a comfortable, chic space.


5. Animal Print

I use this tip with caution because I think animal print is often overdone. But paired with the right furniture and limited prints there is an exotic hunting lodge feel that cannot be denied.


6. The Homemade

Always find a way to have a homemade touch in the room. These vases filled with peonies add a personal touch to what could be otherwise a cold room.



Design Tip:

Always find a way to keep a little cozy in your rooms year round. It nurtures the spirit and makes a happy house.

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