Consistency in Art

One of the biggest aspects about working in the entertainment industry is being proactive. The age old myth of being discovered on the street is null and void. As actors and creatives, we need to have all of our business tools together, actively be taking classes and workshops, networking, and of course making sure our social media accounts are up and running. A lot of people who go into a creative field end up being overwhelmed and burned out by the sheer volume of business activities in they need to complete in order to compete with their competition.

I know that this time of year can be especially overwhelming for actors, so I decided to sit down and write some tips that have helped me be sane while doing all of the above.

1.Routine! Every multi-millionaire and successful person speaks to the importance of routine. It can be as simple as what are the three things that are a priority everyday? For example, my mornings consist of meditation, exercise and emails. If I do these three things at the same time everyday I can center myself, and start my day with a clear head when those fires or obstacles arise.

2. Calendar! Your calendar should be like your shadow, with you at all times. By making sure your calendar is always up to date you can make decisions on the go without having to wait and look. In addition, I set a time every week to go over the upcoming week and month’s events. This helps me see how productive I am in finishing my goals on time.

3. Network, Network, Network! I get it, it’s uncomfortable for most people.But, it doesn’t have to be! Find events or groups where there are like minded people. For some, it’s going to union sponsored events, for others it’s joining a group where they feel comfortable and share a common interest. Either way, people hire who they like and know. So the more people you meet the more opportunity will come your way.

4. Be Current. If you are in the entertainment industry you should know every big network deal, show and film that is the new hot topic. This can be overwhelming, but there are ways to simplify. For example, The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter, and every news source or app has an option for your to get alerts. Go and set the alerts that make sense for you to stay updated and knowledgeable.

5. Take a Picture.

More and more the people in charge are checking out people’s social media accounts to see their followers and content. Make sure that your content is related to what you do professionally with a side of your personality. This is the chance to show people you haven’t met what you can do and how active you are towards your goals.

Lastly, Do Something You Love. If you are only worried about the business details in your career you forget why you went on this journey in the first place. Take a class, get together with friends to watch films or read scenes. Whatever you choose, make sure you are doing something daily that is what you love.

“You can do anything if you have enthusiasm” – Henry Ford

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