Confessions of a Clutter Queen

seashell collection


seashell collection
seashell collection

I confess, I am not really a “clutter queen” I just like STUFF! I like old stuff and new stuff – but mostly I like being cozy and comfy with my stuff. I collect things from my travels. Meaningful items such as Ganesh statues and local art. It is even more meaningful when it is given to you, like the wizened monk in the ruins of Angkor in Cambodia who presented me with my first golden Ganesh to help me find my way. Did he think I was lost?

Now, let me be clear – clutter clearing is NOT Feng Shui. It is a Western version of Feng Shui but in China they don’t really care if your home looks like a Chinese souvenir shop as long as the Qi is located in good areas and creates a flow. Through my Western studies though, I do think having too much stuff can block Qi and keep you stuck. Clutter weighs us down and affects our physical weight. It blocks our progress in  life. It adds confusion and creates the abiity to move forward. Having clutter does not allow the universe to bring new things. Here is a brief clutter guide to see what is affecting you in your environment and how you can shift it.

before & after
before & after


  • newspapers, magazine, notes and paper in general is the fastest growing source of chaos in your home or office
  • paper piles affects your ability to make good decisions
  • holding onto old books doesn’t allow for new ideas and new ways of thinking
  • pass your old books onto someone else or to your local library


  • honor family history and moments by organizing photos in books
  • put all photos inside frames
  • don’t cram drawers filled with photographs
  • organize digital photo files as well
too much?
too much?


  • when collections are too large they can take over the house
  • store pieces and rotate them

We talk ourselves into keeping things that no longer serve us. If something reminds you of your ex – toss it. If you hate looking at it – pass it on. If something is broken – fix it or dump it. No excuses – start today! If you want to learn more DIY Feng Shui and clutter clearing tips check out my new book, Feng Shui Luck on my Good Karma Shop.

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(photo credits: Anita Rosenberg)

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