Quarantine Yoga Doggie Style

How we’re comforting during the COVID-19 quarantine

Yoga, at home with pets and kids, working out stress by kneading dough and baking bread, taking long walks, downloading workout apps, having cocktails, wine and dinner parties with family and friends via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Portal and Facetime, re-watching Contagion – we’re all figuring out our own way to survive “Lockdown in LA LA Land” as creatively as we can in response to the prickly monster just outside the door:  COVID-19.

Yoga with our Pets…

Down Dog Yoga Cats

We shelter-in-place – and if we have the talent and equipment – sew face masks, drive groceries and meals to those who cannot go out, make endless Instant Pot bean recipes, and Marie Kondo our spaces, as we’re living in a hopeful, yet emotionally distant place from our loved ones and colleagues.  And finally, we order that bar cart we’ve been admiring.

Hmmm…this would look good in my living room….

It’s time to order a bar cart

Scrolling down the rabbit hole for cheer…

Sometimes we scroll aimlessly, going down the rabbit hole through Amazon, R29, Lou & Graham and The New Potato wondering if we can shop, drink, learn new recipes or stretch our way through distress.  The answer is a definite, “perhaps”.  Yet, online browsing can bring some cheer to our confusing and science-fiction-like time offering some little comforts to ourselves and others.

Tips for Survival.  Little comforts to click and cheer…

  • To get your bean fix, check out Rancho Gordo Beans. While their website is backlogged with orders, the link will show you which stores in your area carry their fabulous heirloom beans. My fave:  The Marcella Bean, grown especially for Marcella Hazan who couldn’t find her beloved Italian bean in the US. #TooSmallToFail
  • Speaking of Marcella Hazan, here’s one of my favorite recipes for comfort food – and all you need is one large ripe tomato (or favorite canned whole tomatoes), butter, s&p and dried pasta of any shape. That’s it.  One and done.
  • Soap and water have become a 40x a day ritual and so let’s get some soothing, smell-good soap. Meyer’s to the rescue!
  • The site Bar & Cocoa has extraordinary chocolate offerings.  Go ahead.  It’s time to taste the real deal and chocolate is good and comforting.
  • Supporting your local bars and restaurants by ordering take-out. Now you can even have a  cocktail, beer or wine included in your take-out dinner!  Buy a gift certificate from a favorite bar or restaurant for future redemption.  The cash in their register right now will help them survive.
  • Have a local wine and spirits shop? Stock up with deliveries of half bottles to try new wines.  Here are a few to get to know:  Du Vin Wine & Spirits, Flask Fine Wines. #TooSmallToFail
  • Want to Spring-Up your environs? There’s shelter eye candy at Terrain and Food 52 for kitchen and garden plus recipes like Japanese soft-scrambled eggs.
  • Want some dreamy, realtime sensuality as we loved in the film Ghost? Watch this YouTube with Jono Pandolfi.  He’s a (handsome) potter/ceramicist who designs and makes dinnerware for restaurants. His narration uses words like “pressure, happy, weave, handmade touch, knead, leather-hard….”

More #TooSmallToFail: 

– If you’re a fan of California’s adopted “native” grape, Zinfandel, try this one:  Martha Stoumen’s 2018 Venturi Zinfandel from young (15-year-old) Russian River Valley vines is absolutely delicious and at 12.5% alcohol, you can have that second glass!  Martha specializes in local ancient grapes and her wines are Natural Wines.  She’s giving 50% of every bottle of the Venturi Vineyard Zinfandel to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Click here to learn more about the important work they are doing now and always to support the restaurant industry.

 Protecting Our Peepers:

– We’re all spending so much MORE time peering at screens now. A new word, “infodemic” has been spawned – the overload of data and information – so here’s a very stylish way to protect our eyes:  Peepers Blue Light Glasses and they are on sale!

 And finally..even solo drinking has its comforting moments…

Cheers during the time of quarantine

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Contributor:  Stacie Hunt, Certified Silver Pin Sommelier/AIS; Vice President National Association of Wine Retailers; International Wine Judge, Author, Spokesperson, and Educator.

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