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So we’ve already professed our adversion to cheesy themes.  HOWEVER, we do subscribe to the conspiracy theory that COLOR is theme a plenty.  Splash it, saturate it, bleed it, explode it everywhere. 

Color was our weapon of choice for a few of our latest clients.  

The first technicolor candidate – a nonprofit, Big Ten university that had a tight budget and needed big WOW.  We started with four white walls (i.e. THE LOT sound stage in West Hollywood) and payed homage to the school’s colors in every way imaginable.
We drank it…                                                       

We wore it…

We bathed in it…

There was no doubt who played in the Rose Bowl game the following day.

Our second color client is a former Women’s Wear Daily editor who helms the fashion web site, Fashion Trends Daily and runs Blab Communications, a brand consultancy firm in L.A. She didn’t want it to be another typical Holiday Bash – so we dared to stamp out traditional red and green with it’s more fabulous cousins in the Crayola color box – fuchsia and sunburst orange. From the moment her guests hit the front patio, there was no doubt that the hostess got the memo – we dared her to feature the night’s colors on her body – she did it so well.

Even the fireplace took notice  – replacing it’s somber white birch logs with ones gold-dusted and hot pink.  Fuchsia mantle stockings, orange fur-trimmed, and all, dangled above. 

The typical waitstaff’s basic black bistro outfit didn’t have a snowball’s chance to make an appearance. These handsome waiters definitely made it to the right address. 

 Lest the all-gingerbread dessert station play second fiddle, it spoke loudly with a custom-made GingerBread Chateau – donning orange and pink as well. 

Sipping a specialty Holiday cocktail is one thing – doing it from a hot pink flute rimmed with an orange and pink-striped candy cane is quite another.

Sip, gasp, revel.

Crayola was so proud.  And our hostess and her trendy guests …tickled HOT PINK!

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Photo credits: Claire Barrett Photography, Ryan Miller, Capture Imagining
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