By: Guest Writer, Alison Koch – Interior Designer

A well curated collection of a beloved item can add an interesting and meaningful twist to any setting. From antique glass jars to expensive art, if displayed in a thoughtful way, a collection can add depth, personality and a bit of history to a space. Andy Warhol collected cookie jars and Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters. Personally, I collect old photos, I love the candid and telling facial expressions and poses of a pre-digital world where an imperfect photo can be deleted upon first view are fascinating.

Vintage photos from my collection: 

Another fantastic example of collections that add personality to interiors: 

Small eclectic collection of paintings and desk accessories on Walter Gropius’s desk. Image from “Handcrafted Modern” by Leslie Williamson: 

Highly textural and unexpected collection of turtle shells in a bedroom by Anita Calero add a unique twist to a simple bedroom: 

    A mixed collection of ceramics and glass grouped by color and style in an interior by Richard Ostell mixes a different materials in a cohesive but eclectic way: 

I love the way this collection of old wood boxes looks modern and uncluttered: 

Tips to avoid collections looking cluttered:

1. Edit collections often.

2. Celebrate collections by displaying them rather than storing them (this will help with the editing).

3. Display larger collections in a somewhat cohesive way by color, style or subject.

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By: Guest Writer, Alison Koch – Interior Designer

Image Credits:  vintage photo, personal; vintage photo, personal; walter gropius residence, “handcrafted modern” by leslie williamson; anita calero’s chelsea residence, loft life blog; richard ostell’s westchester home.
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