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Whether starting from the drawing board or doing a DIY project, it is essential to establish your design aesthetic before transforming your closet. What do you want your closet space to say about you? If you’re having trouble figuring out what your style, just look at your wardrobe. Your clothes will often do the talking and help dictate how your personal style can be translated into a space.
 “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love brought together under one roof,” Nate Berkus says, and I could not agree more. I hope that these bi-monthly posts—featuring a different genres of style—will help you decide which you love and how these elements can be translated into your home.

The primary intention of modern glamour is to create a wow factor while retaining a cool, simplistic vibe. The elements of drama can be found in luxurious textiles, statement-piece furniture and bold lighting, paired with a simple floor layout with clean lines.

Here are some guidelines in order to create the modern glamour look:

Contrast is a great way to create an interesting rhythm. Juxtapose hard vs. soft, old vs. new and bold vs. mutedpatterns. Pairing studded details with sheer drapery or mixing reflective steel with lacquered white finishes instantly creates unpredictable tension.

Mix and match different furniture types for a modern edge. Antiques paired with vintage alongside lacquered and mirrored finishes is a great way to soften the hard-edged elements of glamour. Create contrast.

Introducing glass vases and bottles in various colors, shapes and sizes are luxe accent pieces that accessorize a space and beautifully refract natural light.

Statement lighting fixtures add a heightened element of surprise. A black crystal chandelier among a neutral space instantly elevates its level of drama.

Allow for bold pieces to take precedence without overpowering a space. Balance velvet, tufted upholstery and lacquered, wood or metallic finishes against a neutral colormotif to let the pieces to do the talking—without being swallowed by the space.

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Contributor’s Website: LA Closet Design
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