Clear the Clutter

As New Years is upon us the dreaded issue of “resolutions” begins to plague me.  How can I be more productive, better mom, wife, friend…. and the list goes on and on.  What I have learned, from past failed resolutions, is to set the bar low, and therefore increase your rate of success!

An easy design resolution (really) that is attainable and guaranteed to make you feel accomplished, is to clear out the clutter.  I think everyone feels and functions better in a room that is tranquil and well appointed.  This does not mean sparse, but a space that addresses your needs and functions properly.

Here are three easy steps to attaining a clutter free new year….

  1. Go Wireless

With technology as it is today you can consider losing some of those pesky wires and even your file cabinets.  This will create more space and is incredibly liberating!


  1. Eliminate Extraneous Rooms / /

If you eat all your meals in the kitchen, there may not be a need for a formal dining room.  If you work on your laptop in front of the TV, maybe that home office is not so functional?  Try to create rooms that serve a purpose only, and don’t get bogged down by preconceived notions of how many rooms you should have.


  1. Organize the Entry

A good entry sets the stage for the entire house.  Having an entry that is functional and encourages good habits is key.  Try to include an area for mail, coats, hats, shoes and even umbrellas.


Design Tip:

Clearing clutter is an attainable, affordable way to begin to make some changes in your space.  And you will feel so happy with the outcome it can pave the way for new design accomplishments.

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