Celebrity Enclave in the sky

By: Laura Pardini – Realtor
Contributor’s website: CityStyleLA
When you take a classic high rise building with five star amenities, mix it with views that sweep from Downtown to the beach, and add a who’s who’s list of A-list celebrity residents…one building comes to mind:  
There is a reason why celebrities flock to this building.  The ambiance, views, service and overall panache that this building exudes make it second to none.  The location is superb, Sunset Plaza is up the road, the shops in Beverly Hills are about seven minutes away, and the exclusive Soho House and Boa Restaurant are right across the street.

The architectural style is sleek and timeless.  Renowned contemporary architect, Jack A. Charney built the building in 1965 and it was originally called the Spoon Apartment building.  It was later converted in the late 1970’s.  Sierra Towers stands about 15 stories higher than any other building within two miles.

It is rumored that the list of celebrities that currently or have previously resided there include: Mathew Perry, Joan Collins, Diahann Carroll, Cher, Fred Durst, Sidney Poitier, Lindsay Lohan, Vincent Gallo, PJ Harvey, Jim Morris, Brody Jenner, George Hamilton, David Geffen, Peter Lawford, and the list goes on…
Sir Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, have a place here.   Their designer, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, created a 70’s retro theme throughout their residence – a perfect place to house their collection of art and photographs.  

My favorite room is the living room.  The downtown view looks like the “Emerald City” – no wonder we love this town so much – we have a Wizard of Oz theme going right in our own back yard. 

There was some controversy as to where the famous stylist, Rachel Zoe lives.   I’m a big fan of hers.  Her style is flawless.  I appreciate how she can find the absolute perfect outfit for the person she is dressing…such an art form!  She also really knows how to pick vintage and make it work.  Besides, you just gotta love the shoes. 

On her show, they kept showing the façade of an apartment building on Wilshire as being her home, but the interior shots are clearly Sierra Towers – the views and the distinct railings are a dead giveaway.  I have to thank Curbed LA for blogging about this.  My husband keeps running into Rachel on his way to work while driving on Sunset Blvd.- now it makes sense.  She lives only two blocks away from us.  

 Here’s a glimpse into a few residences within the building:
Following is a listing for a 1 bedroom unit (approx 1237 sq’) currently on the market for $1,999,000: 
 Or…1/2 the top floor for $9.5 million…3 bedrooms (approx 3081 sq’). 

Check out the expansive deck…priceless! 

“9255 Doheny” : is a very famous address.  It definitely has the cool quotient associated with it.  Nestled up against the grand mansions of Beverly Hills, Sierra Towers peers over the city in it’s architectural splendor.  It’s no wonder why people like to live here…they can have a stylish residence with easy maintenance, reside amongst some of their peers, or peers they want to get to know, and have security to boot!  Perfect for those busy people on the run…simply lock up behind you and jet away to the next rendezvous.  I could sign up for that really easy!  Couldn’t you?

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(footnotes: architectural notes: building history from Wikipedia and condo conversion note: search.com)

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