Celebrate Your Freedom

Happy July 4th! I trust you are celebrating the holiday with friends, family or embracing your alone time. Whatever the case may be, I hope you are soaking in your freedom, your life and all that you are grateful for.

Several weeks ago I had to the honor of attending an interfaith vigil for those who lost their lives in the Orlando nightclub shooting. It was an experience I will never forget. With the rainbow flag in hands, from the NOHO Metro station to a nearby park, we sang We Shall Overcome and This Little Light of Mine (in Spanish and English).

It was heartbreaking to hear the names and ages of those who are no longer with us in physical form. Also, it was inspiring to listen to speakers of various faiths and backgrounds. Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Baha’i, atheist, gay, straight, trans, black, white, latino etc…. – all encouraging us to take inspired action in whatever way we feel called to.

One speaker talked about how we all came here in physical form to play our particular notes. When we take the responsibility to play our personal notes, as whole, we are a beautiful symphony.

And when we attempt to play someone else’s notes, are ashamed to play our notes or are not allowed to play our notes- we become out of sync.

The speaker went on to say how unfortunate it is we will no longer hear the notes of the human beings whose lives were lost.

There was mention about the nightclub being a refuge for the LGBT community. The nightclub is sacred ground. It used to be, and perhaps still is, one of the only places where some felt they could truly be themselves.

This night club yoga video was created in honor of the Orlando victims.

Use your breath as your internal rhythm.

I also made this video for those of us who are still fortunate to be here, celebrating our freedom today. Have fun with it.

Deep breathing and yoga movements help you express your personal notes.

We all deserve to be ourselves.

Celebrate your life. Feel connected mind, body and spirit while doing so. It is your birthright!

Photo Credits: Featured image from Pixabay

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