Cancer Survivor Lil Savvy Shares Some Tips On How To Stay Healthy

Who knew that this year would turn out to be the way that it did? I personally know how it feels to have something unexpected change your world completely. At the age of 22, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and although I struggled through the illness, going through the experience has changed my life completely. Prior to being diagnosed, I was pursuing a career in the music industry as an up and coming Hip-Hop artist. But as I was given a “second chance” at life, I reflected more on myself and decided to dedicate my music to a higher power through Hip-Hop Gospel music. 

As health and wellness have been the topics of discussion lately, I’ve decided to share some tips on how I survived cancer in hopes that someone who is going through the same condition or illness can find strength. These tips can also be useful for those who would like to find comfort in staying healthy and happy during these unprecedented times. 

#1 STAYING HYDRATED: While in chemotherapy, it was a requirement to stay hydrated throughout the day. The doctor usually recommended me 2 gallons of water plus some ginger tea for extra soothing. Although 2 gallons of water may be a lot for someone who isn’t ill, a gallon of water a day is highly suggested. 

#2 HEALTHY EATING: Eating the correct foods is something that everyone should be aware of, especially during a time when we must be cautious about our immune systems. The doctor suggested ditching the red meat and eating adequate amounts of fruit, vegetables, chicken, and seafood. Although it was difficult transitioning to healthier foods at first, I gradually learned to balance my diet and incorporate vegetables into my meals.  

#3 EXERCISING AT HOME: The most challenging aspect of going through chemotherapy was the constant fatigue and fragility that I went through. Although walking a mile a day is the best solution for those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, I was limited to small workouts in the hospital and at home. Whether it’s walking a mile or walking a few feet, it’s important to be active as best as you can.  

#4 DOING WHAT YOU ENJOY THE MOST: Stress or depression kills the immune system or causes cancer to “flare” back up. A suggestion that I have for anyone who is going through a tough situation is to do things that you enjoy the most. This can be through painting, reading books, or watching funny videos online. Watching sports on television was a way that I could keep my mind relaxed and distracted from what was happening to my body. 

#5 SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH FAMILY: The most important tip on how I survived cancer was through my family. Surrounding myself with family members and close friends was what ultimately saved my life. Without them, I wouldn’t be sharing my story with you today. 

I hope that through sharing my story and these tips, that you can follow them or make them into your own. Remember to stay healthy, stay strong, and to always stay positive during this time. Thanks for reading! 

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