Who says you can’t buy taste?

What happens when you receive an invite at 3:30pm to attend a 5:30pm lecture completely across town featuring a panel of some of L.A.’s most stylish designers?… of course you go. No excuses made about traffic.  This is L.A. after all and traffic is THE excuse dejour!  The lecture was hosted by Thomas Lavin at the PDC was entitled “Innovative Design for the Sophisticated Bachelor – designing for the man who has everything”.

Once the meeting got started I couldn’t help but pull out my phone to jot down some notes that inspired me from this very established panel which included the Moderator Marc Karimzadeh, Elle Decor Editor in Chief; Whitney Robinson, David Meister, James Magni, Kirk Nix and Ron Woodson.  Talk about a whos-who in the decor industry.

So what does the sophisticated bachelor want when it comes to designing their dream home?  Definitely the latest in technology, something no one else has…and did I mention technology?

They know what they want but a lot of the time they don’t know how to achieve it. They want someone to guide them through the process and come up with an atmosphere that can ultimately impress their friends.  And being able to add an investment to the mix is a plus.  That’s where an impressive art collection comes into play.  Just ask Brad Pitt!  He also seems to have an excellent eye for all things beautiful. Lucky him…good looks, brains and style!

An excellent example of a timeless bachelor pad is Halston’s converted 1960’s NY open style townhouse.  It’s neutral, simple and clean and it still works!  The form helped it come alive when people were in it.  The same fashion rules apply: make sure it fits, the design is uncomplicated and wear it with confidence. Think of it as a Tom Ford suit which doubles as your suit of armor because it’s classic and it screams “good taste”!

It’s always good to educate your client on the products going into their home. Not everything can be bought online.  Demonstrate why products have value.  Peel back the curtain and take him to the factory or design studio and show him how that chandelier was made and why that $150k bed is more than just a bed and demonstrate the workmanship and make it real.  Involve and educate them through the process.

One of the panelists spoke about designing a garage for his client that had 35 Ferraris.  He ended up including a turn table, a bar, slow spinning platforms for the feature cars, multiple tvs and the pièce de résistance: removable stripper poles.

When it comes to materials, men seem to be into marble or stone in the bathrooms.  Clean lines, simple form with an edge.  They are typically drawn to the masculine impact which has a timeless appeal if done right of course.

With the dot com and social media explosion, the audience in this segment are getting younger and younger.  They want new and unique.  There also seems to be a trend with starting out buying the large home accommodating the extended family and friends in mind and then as they get older, they downsize and opt for having various places.

Where does the basic instinct stem from?  Could it be the lure of the conquest and ultimate seduction?

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Image credits:Brad Pitt: Guiltyfix.com Vintage Halton townhouse photos  Contemporary Halton townhouse photos: Corcoran. Video:Hästens 

bathroom photo: Elle Decor.

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