Calling All Artistic Voyeurs!

The Brewery Artwalk is a must see annual event hosted twice a year: in the Spring and Fall.  It is held in one of the world’s largest art complex located Downtown.  Where else can you find a venue where you can walk in an actual artist’s studio/working quarters, living space and meet them face to face and get a real glimpse into an artist’s day to day life?

The venue itself is within the former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery and the community is a true art colony.  These events typically include around one hundred artists spread throuout several buildings so make sure to wear some comfortable shoes.  The multiple buildings, rooftops and bridges are all very unique and industrial in style.

As a Realtor, I love to see how people set up their spaces.  I did notice that the places with the most light and flow did seem to draw more people and encouraged them to linger around.  That’s the same concept we keep in mind when staging a home for sale…roll up those blinds and draw back those curtains (unless it blocks an unsightly view) and let the light shine in.  Also, people have a tendency to walk towards the windows, so try not to block the flow.

These artists were not afraid to creatively divide up their spaces to let their personalities shine through; either to create a kitchen area separating it from the living room with a vintage window wall, or physically put in a tree inside to divide it from the workspace  or create rooms with simple furniture placement.

I certainly walked away from this event feeling rather inspired.  At first, the eccentric patios and over the top art was so different from what I was used to seeing in a home, but after awhile I started to understand the vibe and it was really fun to see how each artist lives.

Some of the artists also got me thinking on how we can re-use old items to create beautiful new things.  There was one artist that created clothes and jewelry with vintage ties.  What a great photo op the tie boustier would make with the right photographer and model.  Art to me is what truly gives a home personality and these types of events are the perfect venues to find those unique treasures and inspiration.

Inspiration was found pretty much everywhere…desk tops, room corners and even balconies.  I got the feeling that these artists never lost their child like spirit that allows creative juices just to flow.  In a world so bogged down with constant expected immediate contact and social media interaction, it is very easy to loose that core inner spirit that frees you to allow the creative spirit to live.

The rates to rent these spaces ran from about $1,850 – $4,000 for around 1,200sq.’ to 4,000sq.’.  What an interesting space to live if you really want to truly immerse in this artistic culture.  For me, I prefer to be the occasional artistic voyeur!

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(artist credits: donut dress in studio of: Emily Elisa Halpern, red wall gallery: Jesus Wall. tie couture: Xanadu Designs)

(photos: Laura Pardini)

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