Bye Bye Boring Office!

Office design has taken a 180!  I’m used to seeing the best interior design trends when I attend open houses, but now some of those trends have made their way into the workplace.

An office environment should be a place that you look forward to going to; especially considering the hours that you’ll be there.  Also, I think a little bit of whimsy in the work place instills creativity.

Sometimes ya just need to step outside and breathe…

Sitting in one place for too long is not good for the mind or body, so how about taking a little break and walk outside and getting it together.  Kickstarter created this rooftop park for their employees so they’ll have a close refuge to escape to when the going gets tough or not!  It reminds me of the High Line in N.Y., which I so love.

When you just want some privacy already…

Open air offices are rather cool looking, but sometimes the conversations do get a little private, so wouldn’t it be nice to step inside one of these babies and feel free to just talk away:

Bringing a little loft style in the mix…

I love open and airy spaces with a lot of light.  It serves as an automatic pick me up.  I’m also a minimalist.  No paper on the desk type!  This environment instills clear and uncluttered thinking.  Even the bike is color coordinated for the space.  Gotta love it!

No more stock brokerage type conference rooms please! 

Who says you need to put those big black leather chairs and long ugly sterile looking tables in conference rooms?  That needs to stop already.  Conference rooms should be a place where you want to sit, talk and brainstorm.  Check out this creative number.  I love the use of light wood, Scandinavian furnishings and designer fixtures.  Cool, hip and subtle all wrapped in one formula.

Encourage camaraderie with a hang out room…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to go to that doesn’t scream “office” that you can just hang out and relax?  Some companies are hearing you.  Check out this rather fun space.  Look how they created vignettes with furnishings and created separated spaces to conjugate.  That makes it warm and friendly and provides that hominess that totally makes it “work”.  Just imagine yourself having a macchiato mid day with a fellow colleague in that wonderful space.

Have Fun with your own office! 

Individual offices should provide an insight into your personality.  Let it be a “home away from home” if you will.  Here are some examples of Compass offices that inspire.  Guests should be feel comfortable enough to want to visit you.  For example; book shelves filled with interesting books provide that tactile feature that automatically changes the tone and maybe even gets you to grab one to read and stay awhile.   Check out this living room type setting of The Jermayne Shannon Group from our Pasadena office.   They love corralling objects to create a tranquil, yet functional office; that comes complete with a relaxing candle and layered pillows.  The Hustis/Jovanovic Team in our New York Office has a feature wall highlighted with this lovely panoramic photo that also creates the illusion of a window.  In my Beverly Hills Office I try to incorporate a mid century vibe within a casual setting with favorite photos and a fun rug and throw that adds come color and texture to the mix.

Gone should be the days of a sterile office environments.  Surround yourself with an atmosphere that makes you happy!  Even if you have an open air office you can still dress it up with a plant, art pieces and fun accessories.  If you walked by your office space does it tell a story?  Your story?   I encourage you to try it and see.

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