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Visualize this scene: Sunny. Warm. Wiggling your feet in the sand at the beach, luxuriating in the fact that that you’re also smoothing away the bottoms of your tootsies — and it’s getting to be 5 o’clock — somewhere. And, you’re about to break out just the right accessories to enjoy your favorite wine.

These ingenious, little tools make keeping your glass and bottle upright in the sand quite stylish. Made from a sturdy stainless steel, they’re weather-resistant.

Now, what about keeping wine chilled during travel? There’s an artistic solution for that with one of these portable chillers from Vacu Vin. This one comes with a whimsical work from the popular, contemporary artist, Guy Buffet.

This next one is clever for sure: The Wine Glass Sippy Cup. Take it along to wine festivals, pool parties, hikes, on your desk or for those times you’re dressed all in white and perfect for Mom Play Dates.

Now, let’s say you’re on the road, ready for an elegant picnic in a park with a few friends. Chairs in the trunk, picnic in the cooler, or about to be picked up from a fave larder – how about a complete set up like this combination outdoor wine bucket, table and glass holder?

Ah, a glass of wine and a breath of fresh air!

Tip: Here are a few wines to go with that moment: ’11 Conde Valdemar, Rosé Rioja wine, at about $12; ’06 Locatelli Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, a convenient screwtop, drinking very smoothly (burgers and ribs) in the $12 range; ’10 Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Chardonnay, Washington state, also about $12. Check out these and other wines like these at Du Vin Wine & Spirits or

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Contributor’s website: Splash Production

Image Credits: 1. StreadySticks  2. Vacu Vin 3. Gent Supply Company  4. Sterling Wine Online

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