Black Is The New Black

photo: Katie Lee

Let’s face it there really is no substitute for black.  From the little black dress to building facades, black remains a dominant force in the fashion and interiors world.  It has permeated into every design crack imaginable from pottery and tile to paint and furniture.  And why shouldn’t it?  Black is chic, sophisticated, versatile and will never go out of style.  It makes a great backdrop for textures and art and adds a touch of drama.  There are big and small ways to incorporate black into your interiors, and none will disappoint.  Before you know it you too will be a dark addict…

Black on the stairs adds a bold touch.  Try just the steps or even the whole staircase!

photo: Dustin Aksland
photo: Katie Lee

Whole rooms look glamorous in all black and make other colors pop.  Try glossy black for a more  dramatic look

photo: apartment therapy
Photo: Donna Dotan Photography Inc.

Black furniture is a great way to ease into the dark.  This painted sideboard is stunning in a painted black finish

photo: Midcentury Furniture

Who would not want this black oak turned lamp by their bed?

photo:  Lostine

And not for the faint of heart we have the whole house

photo: Lonny
photo: Leela Cyd Ross

Are you ready to join the dark side?

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