Be Bold in 2020!

As the year kicks off to a new start, change is in the air.  Don’t you feel it?  The reoccurring theme is an optimistic one which involves change and in some cases a reinvention of some sort with a dash of nostalgia thrown in the mix.  I used to be drawn to monochromatic palettes, but not anymore!  I personally want to express myself with color; particularly in my home.  Wallpaper and wall fabrics are a fabulous way to add that immediate punch to any room.  The key is to find colors that make you feel happy.  Pay attention to how you respond to it and if it makes you feel good, go for it!  I also think it adds a cozy old world charm which truly adds that much needed personality in a home.

The next trend I’ve been seeing are gallery walls. We recently moved into a new place and added one in the guest room. I love it!  This adds that creative edge that allows you to view your beloved pieces in a unique montage. This random mix of art gives allows you to express yourself in more of an artist like environment.

I’m so over the “open concept” idea. I prefer cozy spaces walled off that allow rooms to be as unique and individual as their intended purpose. It’s as though the room is hugging you. I also think that vignettes are crucial to create cozy spots where you can for example read or listen to your favorite albums in your most comfy chair. Or create a circular style conversation area with seating that is conducive to chatting with friends. And in the event you do live in a space that is open like a loft, arrange the furniture to create areas for different purposes and break it up. Be creative.

Lastly, don’t overlook the windows. Windows are just waiting to be dressed up. That is one layer to the room you don’t want to miss. It creates texture, whimsy and adds an unexpected pop.

2020 came in with a vengeance! So now go home and let your inner child come out to play. I’ve seen enough white and light blue color motifs to last me a life time. How about you? Start the New Years with a happy and creative home. Be bold in 2020 one room at a time!

Happy New Years!

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