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Micky Hoogendijk is a actress/model turned photographer.  She has a passion for photographing people and specializes in nude portraits.  Here’s her story…

 How did your love of nude photography begin?

I always loved nude photography, but as a collector and an art dealer. For years I was running the Artclub (gallery) in the internationally acclaimed Supperclub in Amsterdam and later Los Angeles. But two months before my mother passed away in 2009, she and my fiance Adam gave me a Nikon D5000. We moved to San Francisco… that city was very inviting for photography. I spent days roaming around with my zoom lens capturing architectural images..I love lines, and later I focused on people on the street.

 When we moved to LA 18 months ago I started with portraits because of my step daughter Christina (21). She and I spent days in the garden and here in the studio and these little projects brought us closer together.  That experience gave me the confidence of being a photographer. You have to agree that she is the perfect model. Such a beauty! We posted the work on Micky Sees and after that jobs came rolling in.

What type of lighting do you prefer?

Natural light to me is the most beautiful light because of the reflection in peoples eyes. It is magical and bares the inner soul. It’s real and I don’t need any other light since we live in Los Angeles where it’s always sunny.

Your nude portraits are stunning. There is a wonderful sense of calm that translates through their eyes. What has been your experience with people’s vulnerability once clothes are shed?

It’s a process. Everyone of them needs a little time. But I guess I’m relaxed and since I’m from Europe, nudity is not a big thing. The strange thing is that from the moment they take their clothes off, the whole body movement becomes very elegant and pure. The vulnerability we have when we are nude is what I like to capture. But when a woman embraces her nudity, something special happens; they become sensual. 

During the shoot I show them every ten pictures I take right from the camera and that builds confidence. After a few minutes I hear: Hey let’s try this. And that’s the moment I know I’m on the right track. Being relaxed in front of the camera all has to do with breathing and lifting your body up like a dancer. During a shoot you’ll hear me say “breathe out” many times. Most of the tension is in the mouth, breathing out through the mouth takes that tension away.

What type of reactions have you experienced from your clients following a shoot?

It has been such a pleasure getting feedback on the photo shoots. “I’ve never seen myself this beautiful. I never thought I could look this way. OMG I’m hot”. Ha ha, those are the things I love to hear.

Do you have advice for people that are on the fence on having a nude photo taken of themselves?

Yes, just do it. Why wait? If you feel good about your body, even if it’s not perfect, it’s just a lovely way to thank yourself for taking care of your body and it’s a nice thing to look back at and or share with your loved ones. 

How does your background of being an Actress/Model come into play when you are behind the camera?

I have been thinking about that for a while and I believe that there is no difference between acting, modeling and being a photographer. All of those translate emotions through the lens and that’s a craft by it self. The love affair with the camera is what attracted me to all three. Because of my background, I know about the fear that people have in front of a camera and what it takes to make that go away. As a model I learned how to move in front of a camera and as an actor how to translate certain emotions. In the end they taught me how to be myself.

What advice do you have for people thinking about changing careers?

Do it. It’s amazing to be able to be more than just one thing. Why would you? The world is our oyster.

What’s it like to work from home?

I’ve never done it any different. My parents also worked from home… that’s my upbringing. I love to spend time in my wonderful home.  I enjoy life working there. I make healthy food, listen to music, write, and work with people in my garden studio. And let’s be honest…driving to work in LA is just not cool.

Do you have favorite spots here in LA that you would like to share?

LA is perfect for hiking. I love all of them, the waterfalls in Malibu, The Red Rocks on Topanga Canyon. They inspire me. My next shoot will be there. I’ve created a fairy tale concept and Christina will be my nymph.

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(Image Credits:  Micky Hoogendijk , photographer.  All photos used with permission by Micky Hoogendijk)
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